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Truth in Advertising in boats sales

How about you walk into a boat dealer that advertises that it stocks 15 different models from two different boat builders and realizing that right in the middle of you are finally committed to getting-a-boat action statement or your boat buying process, that the retail boat dealer’s company ad or the boat dealer web site said something and presented a far different image in your mind than what you drove all that way to see, buy, and enjoy cruising /water sports on the water, RIGHT NOW.

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The Monterey 400 Sport Yacht / Volvo IPS

Powered with Volvo’s revolutionary Inboard Propulsion System (IPS) the 400 is one of the first models of any boat manufacturer to be designed around Volvo’s IPS propulsion system. A  range of over 350 miles at a cruising speed as low as 26 mph or as high as 35 mph shows how a sport yacht can be designed to get all the extra performance from the Volvo IPS that it offers to a boater. Top speed for the yacht is over 41 mph with the IPS also.

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Special Pricing , 22’ 5” Cobalt Boat, 210

If you are a boater, you have experienced or heard about the legendary Cobalt ride.  The deep vee hull shape with the deep vee at the correct spot for the best ride, the Cobalt innovation of an extended running surface, and the chine width and angle for “top shelf” driver control.

If you love a bow rider, you value the quick-to-plane eagerness of the balanced hull, the always easy-to-see the water “just ahead” feature, the boat’s ability to stay on plane at lower speeds. The “stable bite” of the new Cobalts at faster and faster speeds.

If you boat with a family, you like the Cobalt cockpit deep sides and deep seating, even in the kid’s bow rider area, and the easy entry into the cockpit from the water.

You know of the Cobalt industry firsts in using a scuff plate, flip-up seating, special hinges, windshield positive latching, a pop-up or down ski tow, special poles, metal, and bracing for the bimini top.

Here in this Cobalt boat are some additional Cobalt boat standard features; 100% hand laid hull, composite structural stringers and other compnemts, the use of Kevlar in the hull construction, a “barrier coat” in the hull Lay-up,all the colors molded into the boat, not taped on top of its gelcoat.

She will break 50 mph at your request via the throttle with the V-8.

Big Skipper’s Berth plus… Wow! Lots of Light inside

the cabin front windows make the difference

Experience the light inside the 2860 Regal cabin cruiser with the curtains pulled back and you will have seen the best there is available inside a boat cabin for airiness and sunshine brighten your boating weekend. Regal 2860 wins this point hands down.

Next, lay out on the skipper’s berth and see the biggest size berth there is for a good nights rest. Again, the Regal 2860 wins as it’s a “no contest” in this size class cabin cruiser.

Check off what else is important in a cruiser and a 2860 Regal cabin cruiser is competitive in all respects.

Competitive in everything that one looks for in a cabin cruiser and “the best in class” in two points of top importance.

Take a look, there is a sale going on right now.

clean running hull design that is well balanced

Tiara Yachts special deal

IPS Volvo Tiara 35

Boat Joke


Ole died. So Lena went to the local paper to put a notice in the obituaries.
The Gentleman at the counter, after offering his condolences,
asked Lena what she would like to say about Ole. 

Lena replied, “You yust put ‘Ole died.” 

The gentleman, somewhat perplexed, said,
“That’s it? Just ‘Ole died’?
Surely there must be something more you’d like to say about Ole.
If it’s money you re concerned about, the first five words are free.
We must say something more.” 

So Lena pondered for a few minutes and finally said,
“OK. You put ‘Ole died. Boat for sale.’”