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31 Boat stood boating on its ear

Bertram built 1,860 31 models over 16 years.

The 1960 Miami-Nassau powerboat race was a watershed event for Dick Bertram and his starting of his Bertram Yacht company. His 31 foot boat won.  And won big.

…It was one hell of a bad day to be out there to be racing, and it was Bertram’s first power boat competition. The seas ran 8 feet and winds were at 30 knots, gusting higher. What happened on that April day in the Gulf Stream and on across the clear, rough waters on the Bahamas Bank would forever alter power boating,” reported Soundings magazine “The race as won by Moppie, a 31-foot wooden prototype designed by C. Raymond Hunt for Miami yacht broker Richard Bertram and named after Bertram’s wife. With a constant 24-degree deadrise running fore and aft, Moppie ushered in the era of the modern deep-vee hull. The Ray Hunt design turned out to have a terrific ability in rough water, and it really set boatbuilding on its ear. “Moppie set a course record of eight hours flat when she crossed the finish line two hours ahead of the second-place finisher. “No other single even.t has had as great an impact on powerboating as the 1960 Miami-Nassau race.” Dick sold out. Started another boat building company. Ran his brokerage company. Sold those, too. Had a lot of fun.

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