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Classic Riva Wooden Boats

classic mahogany wooden boat boat image photo of the boat bow

note the siren as well as a horn on this Riva Super Ariston

An Ariston and the Super Ariston are the single engine style of the Riva Aquarama classic wood boat. These runabout boats are considered the top classic mahogany, cedar, and oak wood boats that used only the best wood, hardware, glass, and marine parts from Italy, France, Switzerland, England, Belgium and other countries to give a wooden boat owner simply the best product that the Riva Factory could build.

Riva Yachts selected its lumber by hand. They seasoned that lumber that went into the boats themselves; they decided when it was ready for boat building, where on the boat it had its best use, and how it was to be used with screws, glue, and then finished. Almost all of a boat was sprayed several time and then hand brushed several more times to a high gloss polished varnish bright finish. Some interior boards were called out on every model for a paint finish, however, and lesser quality wood was used there. Think about areas like the seat frames, under the bow, side, and aft decks for a painted finish.

Windshield glass, screws, the metal for the boat’s hardware, and much of the material used in the seating was out sourced from other counties. Engines came from the USA. The varnish used in the finish of their classic boats was Italian.

A great book on the history, boats, and boat owners of Riva Boats is Riva by Roberto Franzoni. It is a hardcover book that is printed in several languages within each copy. Like these classic wood boats, this book is rare. It is now an out-of-print book. sometimes has a book collector type seller that is willing to part with his or her copy, if you want one for more information about Riva Classic Wood Boats.

The photos here are seabuddy photos.

aft & amidships boat photo image of a Riva Super Ariston classic wood

The engine and inboard drive line is under the hatches