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Born the same year as the owner was: 17’ Chris Craft Wood Special Runabout boat

restoring 1942 Chris Craft wood Special Runabout

17’ 0” by 5’ 8”, special light weight (by about 130 lbs – about 7%; with a lower hull side aft and a slightly narrower (5%) beam. A true double planked Mahogany wood Classic Chris Craft, although technically by ACBS rules she is within the designation of an “Antique”. An Antique Class wood boat is a boat built from the years 1919 and up to and including 1942.

The original Chris Craft engine has been rebuilt, the double bottom planking is now all replaced, and the hull side planking is new. The Deck is pretty much all original wood.

Coming along but more to do

This one is still in the shop with many happy hours of labor ahead for her owner to bring her up to high restoration standards in all areas. Since the boat is a 1942 model and the owner was born in 1942, he mentally associates her good health with his. An interesting standard for one’s health and a fine one by me.

Here's what she will look like when finished

This project is ongoing at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, MD.

The Museum runs an “Apprentice for a Day” program for several weekends each year.

You can watch, learn, and do at each stage of a wood boat Building along side a master craftsman boat builder.

Cheap, easy to join, call Dan Sutherland at 410-745-2916 ext 186.

Join anytime at any step of any boat building, but the next boat building project starts for 13-18 year old teens on June 19-20. Us old men should look to the project starting 10/16-17, 2010 or the one starting on 11/13-14, 2010.