WineFest Coming to St. Michaels April 27 and 28, 2013

The fourth big annual charity event, WineFest at St. Michaels, will be held within the town of St. Michaels, Maryland on the eastern shore, Saturday, April 27, and Sunday, April 28, 2013 from 12 pm to 6 pm.   This popular festival is a full streetscape event held throughout town.  Most businesses will offer wine tastings, great food, retail specials, and much more.  Wine fans will experience hundreds of highly rated US, International, national, and Maryland wines.  Each wine venue will retail sell its wine at special WineFest discount pricing.  In addition, two VIP tasting venues will be available for tasting premium wines often not available in Maryland.  One VIP venue will be on the Patriot Cruise Boat (look for seabuddy here) while cruising the Miles River and the other will be in the courtyard of the Old Brick Inn.  An excellent place to stay! 

All attendees will be able to “walk St. Michaels” using their WineFest map as their guide or take shuttle busses provided by WineFest.   Regional food specialties, artisans, renowned jazz musicians, and even historical characters from the colonial days of St Michaels will be participating in the event. 

 To commemorate this year’s 200th anniversary of the British attack on the town of St. Michaels during the War of 1812, WineFest will include an “historic” dimension with “colonists” who will set up camp in town to show off crafts and life during the 19th century.  They will no doubt do their best to bring the history of St Michaels to life! For those who love beer, award-winning craft beers will be offered at St. Michael’s own Eastern Shore Brewing. 

Art lovers will enjoy art displays based on the “wine” theme from Eastern Shore artists known as “The Six Views.”  And, last but not least, there will be a special WineFest Finale on Sunday afternoon at Town Dock Restaurant.  A new, fun event. This FINALE is appropriately named “Jazzfest Comes To Winefest.” 

This mini-event will give our WineFest visitors a taste for the fall JazzFest at St Michaels (October 12 to 14, 2013).  The jazz artists for “Jazzfest comes to Winefest” are: Joanna Pascale and the FAB Trio; MARS 4tet; and Juanita Williams with the Fred Hughes Trio.  What a show it will be! 

Be sure to check our website frequently for updates as the 2013 list of wines and other events unfold.  Tickets are available for purchase at  For more info contact at or call 410-745-5559.

(edited press release)

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