Pre-teens and early teens Classic Boat Event

Sign-up NOW for this one.

It always fills up and some kids get disappointed. First kids signed-up get in without any hassle. Call Diana Shotwell at 1-570-759-3259 or to get your family’s spot reserved right away.


When and Where is it?

It’s on Saturday, June 19, 2010 in St. Michaels, MD at the 23 rd Annual Antique and Classic Boat Festival hosted by the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the ACBS that takes up 11 acres on the grounds at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum to show the all the classic boats and the other events of the the Chesapeake Bay Chapter – ACBS Festival.

What is it?

Six different classic boats will be judged by the youth judges on Horn, Interior, Paint, Boat Name, and the Engine.  

What else?

The youth judges will receive an official cap, a youth judging T-shirt, and the their judge’s badge.

They judge a winner, and they will the help present their winning Judges  Award  to the winner classic boat and family owners at the Boat Show Awards  picnic.

Who made this happen?

Diana Shotwell, from the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the ACBS, did. She got the club to agree to present this program, then got Hagerty Insurance and Antique Boat America to sponsor it. Diana runs this program and has taken out-of-state-training to make it run smoothly. This is the second year that Diana has run this program in addition to all the other kid’s events she has chaired for us on the Chesapeake Bay.

Seabuddy / chris brown says, three Cheers for Diana!

Did I say it was a FREE program? Well, its Free.

Thank Diana, Hagerty Insurance, Antique Boats America, and the Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the ACBS, when you run into them. Lst them know that you are glad that they are helping our kids getting  involved in boating.

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