Your Choice, Volvo-Penta big block power

Let seabuddy shed some light on a confusing gas power for boats subject. Volvo offers both Catalytic Converter equipped marine 8.1 big block gas engines and non CAT equipped 496 (8.1) engines. The CAT equipped engines cost more…several thousands of dollars more.

Why? Certain states require CATS to be legal. Other states have waived off the CAT requirement for 496 (big block) engines. Your Volvo dealer knows which states are which. He will guide you on your boat needs on this for calendar 2010. Volvo intends to sell only legal engines and your Volvo-Penta dealer knows what is legal.

So, check with your Volvo dealer to see if you able to save many thousands of dollars or pay extra for a CAT equipped 496 Big Block engine Volvo engine. While each boat builder sets his own price for hisboats with big block power, I checked with one builder friend for this article, that one said it was about $6,300.

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