Wood Inboard Race Boat, Riot

This race boat in a sense invented a new race boat design and led the way for better racing until higher horsepower and the 3 point hydroplane design was made successful in racing.


wooden inboard race boat transom bottom design image photo

Note the non trip chines and arc from the aft deck to the bottom

Her narrow transom with large anti-trip (non trip) chines and concave bottom was the new thing as compared to a rocker keel sort of v bottom shape. She is a Davis Brothers (Vernon and Ralph) boat. They designed her lines and built her hull. Note her transom photo shown here. Also, all but one or two Davis hulls had this same arc from the aft deck to the transom bottom. Only one Vernon and Ralph Davis boat had a tail fin, I believe, for example.

wooden classic inboard racing boat photo image

Seabuddy photo of 1950 Raace Boat, Riot

They did build for other race boat classes, however. They liked racing and attended many races up and down the eastern half and the gulf region of the US. They and Curt Brayer, Mike Thompson, Al Boyd, Harold Bauer, Jonny Gast, Al Brinkman, Bill Oldfield, Doc Swendler, Fred Follendorf, Ralph Barker, Noel Blair, Jim Hurtubise, Pete Butler, Bill Burgess, and Joe Less were boat builders, boat owners, or runabout racer drivers. Gentleman racers, Jersey Speed Skiffs, E and F Racing and Service Runabouts and Speedsters all seem to attract a similar crowd. Some went onto vee race Flat Bottoms as Rudy Ramos and others popularized sitting in front of the engine, rather than at the back of the hull when engine weight and horsepower went up.

Riot is a 1950 wood inboard race boat that is 18’ long and she is powered by her original Gray Marine 244 cubic inch Fireball 6 cylinder 165 horsepower engine.

F service race runabout wood historic boat racing photo image

Historic photo of a Similar Racing Runabout in a turn

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