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Wood Rivas seem to seabuddy to reflect Italian passion, smart boat building, and a vision about what a good boat should be. They reflect timeless design, imaginative colors, and top shelf material choices. They are also expensive boats. Usually they ask and bring more money than other production boats. There was one paper of one for sale for $149,500 from a very well respected broker. That one boat-for-sale listing was for a 22’ wooden runabout boat. She was said to have a 220 horsepower 327 Chevy/Crusader/Riva engine. It was an example of the most desirable model of the Riva Ariston series. It was also offered as a well-maintained craft.

Is it worth it? Who knows? Boats are not basics like potatoes. No pleasure boat is. My boat is my hobby. And I do not have the coin in my jeans for a top shelf boat that is a classic wood Riva power boat.

Riva wooden boat factory photo running speed

Factory photo of Riva boats

A Riva is also a work of art in many aspects. Look at the hardware. Inspect the windshield. The grace in the shape of the control handles. Look at the fitment of wood if the engine room is open. Study the use of plywood and timber wood through-out the boat. A Riva boat can take one’s breath away if one really looks at it closely and in detail. A Riva looks like a handcrafted, one-off boat, but it is a production boat. A limited production boat that stands close inspect up to the standard of a custom boat is a show stopper.

riva ariston cockpit seat dash board windshield wood classic boat photo image

Riva wood boat with the cockpit seating laid into a sun bed

And, by the way, boating is seabuddy’s passion. I am looking forward to a nice summer on the water. Look for more info and photos from this RIVA book… and seabuddy thanks them for their photos.

riva classic wood boat

Riva Hull under construction in its building jig at the factory






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