Sunnyland ACBS Boat Show on Lake Dora in Tavares, Florida sixth report

A classic fiberglass hot rod go-fast sport boat from the 1950s this time. She is one wild looking, curvaceous fiberglass catamaran powered by two “Tower of Power” six cylinder 100 horsepower Mercury Marine outboards. She is now fully restored and is ready to tear up the lakes of the nation’s waterways.

fiberglass boat antique and classic boat photo image

bow photo of Cat hull classic

Early fiberglass classic examples of hot boats are rare. Seabuddy has never before seen one of these boats before this year’s Sunnyland ACBS boat show. Let alone, a ready to blast off example of one restored with the power and set-up that matches the 1959 Mercury Marine test report specs. See my photo here from that report. She is not over-restored, just a late 1950s rig brought back to as first-sold condition by an expert fiberglass boat loving owner.

classic fiberglass boat restored

Note the classic dash and gauges

Mercury got 43.9 MPH out of this boat in their Lake X boat test report published in 1959 when loaded down for a four person weight loading. 46.9 MPH with only a driver on board. These performance numbers were after setting and propping the engines in the best position on the boat, including the tilt pin hole (no power trim on these classic engines). Remember, those Boat House Bulletins? Many boats were boat tested in fair, actuate boat tests using Mercury Outboard power that covered a broad spectrum of power boating.

fiberglass outboard boat boat photo image

twin tower of power Mercury Marine outboards

A Samoan boat model built by the South Seas Boat Company of Lake Helen, Florida is a 16’ 10” long fiberglass cat with a beam of 94”. Think of a boat-only weight of 728 lbs. To that, add the weight of the engines, rigging, fuel, gear, batteries, and passengers. This one heart stopping boat in my book!

mercury marine boat house boat photo

1959 photo from mercury marine boat house report

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  • Thanks for the kind words, this boat left Lake Helen Fla. where it was built,went to a Dr in Soggy Daisy Tenn,{ Split found it and turn Dave Merhkes on to it from madison Wis}7-8 yrs ago?,,Then I got it from him.He is a collector but decided he wasn’t going to get it done,it was rough,it now has new balsa wood floor,,deck laminated transom,and totally over clothed, with gel coat through out,I did put 2 1000 merc[1962] instead of the original 700 merc,I upgraded and adapted power trim on both, the trailer is a 1960 Gator,everything is turn key now but time and weather didn’t let us put it in,We will run it,I have a collection of the weird and low production that we do use after we restore,take a look,, under the boat section,, Thanks again Bill Anderson

  • This boat stopped many boaters in their tracks when they saw it.

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