Short Shaft 50 HP outboards and a sneak peek

Many of the readers of seabuddyonboats know that I love Glasspar G-3 runabouts. These classic speedsters from the early 1960s were a hot boat or go fast boat for him when he was a teen and now again as an older man.

Good news!  Tohatsu has a short shaft 50 Horsepower outboard. It is a two-stroke. Light weight (205 lbs). Ultra-low emission, EPA and CARB approved.

Tohatsu names their intake system for this engine TLDI. TLDI stands for (Two stroke Low pressure Direct Injection). This translates to a smoother operating engine with better fuel, air, and oil mixing. With this improved mixing, one gets big power features in a small, compact package.

Tohatsu power products business can be traced back to 1922. They entered the outboard power marketplace in 1956. They now manufacture about 200,000 engines each year and have continued to expand their company with a 370,000 square foot plant.

tohatsu 50 HP marine outboard motor two stroke

Got this from another country

Now here is the news about short shaft outboards that can power Glasspar G-3 boats. Tohatsu is bringing to market a four stroke 50 horsepower engine for 2014.

Here are the two-stroke specs.

Model / MD50
Engine (No. of Cylinder) 3
Output 50 hp (36.8 kw)
Displacement 697 cc (42.5
Bore x Stroke 68 x 64 mm (2.68 x 2.52 in)
Starting Electric
Control Type Remote Control or Tiller Handle
Gear Shift Forward – Neutral – Reverse
Gear Ratio 1.85:1
Propeller Selection Range 7″ – 15″
Transom Height 15″, 20″
Fuel Unleaded Gasoline (87 Octane)
Oil Type Premium TCW-3
Fuel Tank Optional
Weight* 205.7 lbs. (93.5 kg)
Alternator Output 12V, 280W, 23A
Max. RPM Range 5,150 – 5,850
Direct Fuel Injection S

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