Riva and Super Riva Aquarama plus the Long Super Aquarama are Classic Wood Boats

wood boat photo riva aquarama underway

Riva Aquarama at just above idle speeds

The best known Riva entered production in 1963 with 21 boats built. Its wood hull was based on the Riva Tritone model. The first three wood boats were carvel planked, but then laminated hull sides were used from all the hulls from then on. These laminated boat construction pieces proved to make for a better looking boat, especially as the classic boat ages.

The bottom shape was changed from the prototype model for all boats, starting with boat 34. By hull #178, built around 1967, the bottom shape was changed again to give a better ride at cruising speeds. By 1969, the hull shape above the waterline, the stem, and a different bow cap were instituted. The first boat with this change was 309. The height of the hull side was raised after #315 at the stern quarters.

Aquarama Riva model boats came in several hull lengths from 26’ 3’, 27’, 27’ 3”, 27’ 7”, and 27’ 9” but are routinely called as around 28 feet long or almost 29 feet in Length over all (LOA). The 29 foot boats are called “long Aquarama”. All of these classic wood boats are just under 8’ 6” in beam.

Horsepower sets a Super Aquarama off from a Aquarama. Figure on from about 370 total horsepower on the low side to most having about 640 total Horsepower with one boat showing as having 800 combined horsepower. All the boats are twin engine boats and feature wood framing as well as planking of the hull and deck of these classics.

Thanks to Riva and MBBW for the photos.

classic wood boat photo of a riva aquarama splitting the waves

Spray is thrown down and away Aquarama classic wood boat photo

wood boat photo of framing on Riva

Riva boat framing classic boat photo

Head on photo of a classic Riva wood boat side planking sheets

New side planking sheets for Classic wood Riva

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