New Volvo Penta Gas Marine Engine

gas 380  engine volvo penta chevy

Volvo Penta 380 horsepower latest Chevy Engine for marine use

She has 380 horsepower at high RPM and faster get-up-and-go via the first major marine use of the latest GM engine, the L96. Figure on 5,800 RPM and higher usable RPM in your boat. Count on all the proven, but “new” tricks that wake up an engine for marine use. Cam timing is, for the first time, variable (VVT) in a marine engine.This increases the power from idle or right out of the hole to 3,000 RPM. Couple that with the new gear ratios and you have a double whammy.  Anticipate your boat to gain a boat length early in any comparison acceleration test against a 8.2 engine powered boat in a heads up contest.

The heads are Aluminum to allow for better cooling and a component  lighter weight power package. Then, add the normal weight savings by NOT using a big block Chevy and your double whammy is multiplied even more. Weight savings should add up to 225 to 250 lbs. Now, add to all this a broader, higher RPM range and you spin a lesser pitch prop for quick low end response without a top speed penalty as one simply winds the new 380 horsepower Volvo-Penta to a higher rpm limit. I hear you can use 6,000 plus rpms as needed. Spin a lower pitch prop at higher rpms and the top speed is the same as a big block.

It is a four star engine; the best, cleanest available that has been tested for over 8,000 hours for its government approval only in May of this year. It is that new.

Did seabuddy say it is totally fresh water cooled? That even the exhaust manifolds will not rust as they are cooled by anti-freeze, not lake or ocean water? Look to a fall boat show and see this engine for yourselve. I know that there is a real engine on display at the Newport, RI Boat Show. More details here…

The new engine is a slightly bigger package. Most of the numbers are not that big, except the width is 4.5 inches wider and the total package weight looks to be about 50 lbs more than a 5.7 (350 cu. in. engine). Now, compare this new high-tech engine from Volvo-Penta to a 8.1 or a 8.2 big block engine and all the numbers favor the new engine. It is smaller. lighter, and more narrow. It looks like it will fit whereever a big block would have fit.


This one exciting engine!


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