New Mercury Racing Mercury Marine big block marine engine power with a warranty

565 horsepower big block mercury racing marine engine

Photo of the new Mercury Marine Racing engine just out

She is a stroked big block for 533 cubic inches of displacement. That is an 8.7 liter displacement engine. The bore of this Mercury Racing Mercruiser is 4.466 inches with a stroke of 4.25 inches of big block power. She runs on 89 octane with its 8.7 to 1 compression ratio.

It makes 565 horsepower at the crank. And it is rated to be propped such that it will go 5,000 to 5,400 rpms at wide open throttle. Keep it stock in recreational boating use and it is covered by a full one year limited warranty. Add a supercharger after that first year and get around 725 horsepower. The extra cubic inch displacement and the higher rpm rating will give this engine in any style boat lots of out-of-the-hole acceleration.

Special aluminum racing heads specific to this engine, a stroked and balanced crank, special aluminum pistons, and unique connecting rods make for an expensive engine but one with long lasting durability at hard high performance marine use durability cycles.  Mercury Racing tops off this assembly with a multiport fuel injection system makes this engine easy to manage in your Hi-Po Boat in any situation. Be it within a marina, around a launch ramp, or out on the open water.

This new engine from Mercury Racing comes mated to your choice of a Bravo One XR out drive or Bravo One XR Sport Master inboard outboard drive. They also team this engine, transmission, and stern drive package with a transmission control module for what is called Zero Effort control operation. ITS, the (Integrated Transom System), is available if your performance boat needs it. They thought of everything!

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