New 370 Hp. Diesel Marine Engine

mack boring yanmar diesel 370

very low profile, see for yourself at a

Yanmar is now showing at the Fall Boat Show… the very low profile V-8 that it makes for marine use. It will fit under a cockpit where other similar horsepower diesels won’t.  The message here is… easy fit inside many boats, engine rooms, engine hatches, and machinery spaces. What do I mean about fit? Yanmar and  their partner here, Mack Boring, are the industry leaders in repower. They have worked for years up and down the coast at becoming the king within engine and machinery supplier business in taking an  existing powerboat that for one reason or another needs different power to make it the best boat or yacht it can be, for its current owner.

Many good boats like a Blackfin, Bertram, Post, Hatteras, Viking, or others simply need new engines to radically improve issues like cruising speed, reduced fuel burn, quiet running, smoothness, reduced propeller slip, and longer range that fit a engine space and therefore avoid the boat owner the expense of using different fuel tanks, cutting up a boat’s structure, major cockpit surgery, or cabin space shortening.

Why this low-profile engine design versas a tall engine? They and others have tall, high profile engines and tall engines may not fit your current boat’s space. Rather than put up with your boat’s shortcomings or spend an inordinate amount of time and money in reconfiguring the boat, here is an engine that will allow you to open up a dialog about a better boat for you via a repower job. Seabuddy predicts that boat yards, Mack Boring, and Yanmar will find themselves with a surge in business because of boat owners becoming aware of the new variety of engine shapes and dimensions at boat shows now.

It is a very high torque 272 cubic inch V-8 engine designed from scratch for fishing boats that fish the canyons, sport boats, coastal and long distance cruisers, and some runabout ski boats. The sporty boats will most likely be special craft or tied to a mother ship that is also diesel powered.  One common fuel among the boats and yachts makes it simpler. Low idle is 550 rpm and WOT is 3,800 rpm. Power comes from compression and twin turbos (turbochargers), standard. It is a Tier 3 engine, by the way and fully legal for use in new and used boats. More here…

mack boring yanmar 370 maine engine turbocharged

look for the two trubos here at the rear of the engine

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