Mercury Racing new 1,300 Hp engine package

Short version; massive power and a unique torque curve that does not “curve” and thus it is re-named: Torque Mesa (or Mesa, for a one word title). It’s the biggest thing about this new Mercury Racing engine, transmission, and outdrive and that drove the internal secret code name for Merc Racing…Project Mesa.

Spec version; a 6,500 rpm red-line, 4.57 bore and a 4.21 stroke gives boaters a 9.0 liter V-8 with 4 cams, four-valves per cylinder, and turbo-charged engine that computer controls boost and torque at high rpms.

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More added details version; dry-sump engine and drive, special aluminum cylinder bores that leads among all the differences that perhaps doubles engine lifespan. Merc Racing gives a one year pleasure boater warranty. 7.8:1 compression ratio, requires 91 grade fuel, mated to the new M8 surface-piercing drive via a Merc racing dry-sump hydraulic transmission. The M8 is 35% stronger than a number six drive and uses new stronger single CNC props choices with a choice of gear ratios.

BTW, gain 50 Hp for a 1,350 Hp rating if your boat builder teams up with Merc Racing to get together in the design of how the engine gets its intake air within your boat’s air intake design.

Package weight (engine, tranny, and drive) is 1606 lbs. The engine dimensions out at a length at 26.69”, width at 34”, and a height above the crankshaft centerline of 29”.

Mercury Racing has caused a stir with this new sterndrive marine engine – outdrive package.

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