Mercury Racing goes supercharged for 80 MPH

Boat photo three outboard engines on a fish boat

Mercury Marine’s Merc Racing took a 38’ fishing boat to 80 MPH with three 350 horsepower supercharged outboards. These engines also only took 6.5 seconds to go 0 to 30 mph in an acceleration test the same day on the same boat. That is performance.

The props were 151/4” by 26” 4 blade Bravo I Mercury Racing Props (lab finished, which is readily available to the boating public via a request back to Merc Racing through a dealer) and they turned the engines at their WOT rated 6,800 rpms to record that speed. That is 10,600 lbs. (dry weight) of fast fiberglass fishing boat flying across the water faster than many go-fast boats can achieve.

These are stock, two year warranty, engines. Just think for a moment, only 475.5 cubic inches of pump gas marine engines making 1,050 Hp. combined. And that is on a Tournament Fishing Boat with a stepped v-bottom hull shape. This offshore center console really goes good, huh?

The hull shape for this fish boat comes from the lessons learned on a race course. The pad in the bottom at the keel, the placement of the steps to ventilate the water passing under the fish boat, the deadrise, and the longitudinal angles of the surface that the boat runs on are all perfected for speed on the water. Also the notch in the boat bottom and transom bracket style shape at the stern works well with helping to adjust and set the angle that the boat takes across any waves and wind chop.

fish boat with three Mercury outboards for power in the open ocean

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