Luxury 50′ Center Console boat goes 60 MPH

center console fishing boat from Nor Tech boat photo image

Bow on view of the new 2012 center console fishing 50' boat

She is a center console fishing boat that is 50 feet long and goes 60 MPH with twin engines. That is different. Now, part of the speed comes from the racing heritage of her boat builder. Some speed comes from their Nor Step ventilated hull bottom. The final component of this performance center console fish boat is the high tech hand laid fiberglass construction using tri directional and bi directional fiberglass materials.

Nor Tech Hi Performance Boats uses only 960 total horsepower (twin 480 Hp. diesels) to get the sixty mph top speed. That kind of performance in a full fifty foot boat that weights in at seven and a half tons and in a fully found luxury boat is amazing! Yes, the beam is narrow (9’) for good offshore rough water performance at speed, but the speed numbers verses the size and weight numbers speak for themselves.

Is more speed possible? Yes. Add more horsepower. Heck, even add another engine. Nor-Tech Hi Performance Boats has done this hull with triples. They can do it with outboards. They are a custom boat builder. Name it and they can do it, and will do it with a routine that will startle you on how easy it is during the boat build with them. Just ask that they use their Nor Tech vented boat bottom. The proper coring and reinforcement is an important part of the culture of their Hi-Performance boat building.

Is this one too big of a center console fish boat for you? Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats builds center consoles in many other boat lengths. Call them.

cockpit of the 60 MPH center console Nor Tech Hi Performance 50' boat

Looking back at the Center Console of the 60 MPH Nor Tech 50' boat

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