Joy Stick Piloting for 2,3,4 outboards

New product for 2013. It allows for the boater to control or move any tow, three, or four big engine outboard powered boat in any direction via the joystick. It allows for no stress in docking and maneuvering around the marina and in other tight areas, all when it is less than ideal for wind, current, or traffic conditions.

Think easy boat handling while being more quiet within the cockpit. It offers better control than bow or stern thrusters. This is proportional steering and throttle control in one fingertip. It includes Smart Craft digital throttle and shift (DTS) with electra – hydraulic steering. This is an all Mercury made system. And it is baked by the full single source Mercury warranty.

With a joy stick equipped boat, a boat owner can move his craft sideways or at any angle. Make the boat rotate on its own axis with a twist of the joy stick.

Speed up the power to fight for perfect control in special conditions, like a windy day. It is proportional control of thrust and speed. It includes an enhanced docking mode. It allows for long low speeds within no-wake harbors. It is packaged with Smart Craft and DTS (digital throttle and shift).

Joystick Piloting for outboards mates to either 250 HP or 300 HP Verado engines by Mercury Marine.

Expect to see boats in the water and ready for a sea trial test ride at the 2013 Miami Boat Show. More info here…

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