J & T sells and services Volvo marine diesels

Johnson & Towers is a powerful distributor of diesel products to boaters in the Mid Atlantic. Since 1926 they have done various brands like DDA (GM’s Detroit Diesel Allison), MTU (Mercedes Benz) and now, Volvo.

Over the years, each brand called on J&T to do different things as their distributor. For example, Seabuddy remembers when he was a boat dealer of over 38’ yachts where diesel was the preferred power. At that time, your DDA diesel engine supplier, literality finished the engine.  J&T like Covington and other distributors offered “their” version of a complete marine engine. Core GM diesel product was even “Hot Rodded” as well as marinized, particularly for battle wagon sport fishing boats. This was in addition to stocking engines and transmissions with various reduction gear sets. Plus, having a full parts inventory in stock. AND, have men in service trucks with tools, instruments, and properly trained techs to keep the yachts running smoothly. This was the top name in the business at that time.

Except for Volvo, each of these brands have been sold or reformulated in various ways over the years. Roughly; DDA was sold to Penske, a few years later he joint ventured his DDA brand with the MTU division of Mercedes Benz. That company is now called Tognum.

Walt Johnson and Joe Towers founded this company. They and their families have kept J and T at its high position within the marine industry, as well as, in the bus and truck industries. Think  of Johnson and Towers in power generation, fire trucks, construction, industrial, motor homes, medium and heavy-duty trucks, coaches, pleasure and commercial marine.

They have two locations in New Jersey and one in Maryland. They also have a network of authorized dealers to solidify proper parts and service support for marine, vehicles, and equipment.

MT. LAUREL, NJ, 856-234-6990; EGG HARBOR NJ, 609-272-1415; BALTIMORE, MD, 410-687-0500

What is the message here? The powerhouse distributor Johnson and Towers has Volvo Diesel engines, parts, and service.

volvo diesel d 13 in J & T booth at boat show

big power Volvo Marine Diesel at Boat Show in the J & T booth

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