How many outboards does your Center Console need?

Pursuit fishing boats 385 boat photo image

She sleeps four inside and is a good fish boat, too.

Or a good size cabin cruiser? Or a Sundancer Sea Ray type cabin cruiser?

1)    If it is a 18,985 lbs. boat like the OS 385 Pursuit. 1,050 Hp or 3 x 350 Hp

2)    If it is a 15,500 lbs. boat like a 370 Outrage Boston Whaler. 900 Hp or 3 x 300 Hp

3)    If it is a 15,500 lbs. boat like a Sea Ray 370 Venture. 600 Hp or 2 x 300 Hp

4)    If it is a 11,015 lbs. boat like a OS 315 Pursuit. 600 Hp or 2 x 300 Hp.

If one of these seems like it has far less power for its boat weight, take a ride on a fully weighted down boat before you put down a deposit. Satisfy yourself that you like the power and that the boat will get on plane with a dirty boat bottom. It is to be your boat, get the performance that you want. It is your money.

370 Venture Sea Ray Sundancer outboard power boat image

prototype photo Sae Ray 370 Venture w/ Brunswick Corp President

By the way, some dealers can get you at or less than a 4.99% interest rate for a $100,000 loan for 20 years, if you want. That is a good rate as of yesterday, 9/13/2012. I just checked. Stated Income (no tax returns) loans are out there for an up to a $75,000 loan if your boat dealer is good.

center console boston whaler 370 Outrage boat photo image

triple outboard engined Boston Whaler 370 Outrage

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