High Horsepower Electric Outboard from Torqueedo

Look for this as new product and installed on at least four boats at the 2013 Miami Boat Show.

Think 30 MPH plus in a boat powered with an electric outboard. The easy goal is a one hour battery life per charge at that kind of speed and a four hour cruising life at, say, half power. It is a package, motor, battery, cabling, display, and throttle. They are all in an integrated system with an management set-up and a touch-screen display.

Torqueedo are the folks that bring you the small electric 15 lbs. motor, battery, and throttle. Plus other electric engine models that are like 1.5 to 3 horsepower gas powered outboards but as electric using/no gas outboards. These small motors are sold by West Marine and others are quick mount engines and some are able to be dismantled for storage and transportation. They also offer equivalent electric motors in the 5 horsepower and 8 horsepower sizes. These engines tend to weight about 40 lbs. These require either one or two Torqueedo batteries to make the right package for your boat. And some of these models can take Torqueedo’s new 1 and ¼ lbs. solar panel.

Torqueedo products are made in Germany, with unique North American, Great Britain / Ireland, France, Spain / Portugal, and other countries business / service centers.

At least for 2013, the 80 horsepower type motor package, named, Deep Blue, will only be available as an installed power package from selected boat builders.

Sneak peek of the full line here… http://www.g-comm.co.uk/product/15341_torqeedo-deep-blue.html

Sneak peek of the high horsepower (like 80 HP) electric motor in use on a boat… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSbpMwvv2xk

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