Grady White fiberglass Center Console fishing boat powered by Yamaha outboards

2012 center console powered by an outboard

running across the bay in a Grady White Center console

If you want a top notch Center Console you must take a look at the well-built Grady White boat. They are award winning, year after year. Grady’s offer all the features that make for a great fishing boat.

This boat builder shipped its first Hatteras model boats early in 1960. These were 17 foot mahogany plywood planked clinker built outboard wood boats ideal for catching fish. Clinker Built means that each plank bottom edge stands out from the one below it such that it give a small lift to the boat while it throws spray down and away from the cockpit. Glen Grady, a boat builder from Wisconsin, and White, from a farming family in North Carolina, had joined forces to start G-W Boats, Inc. in a former tobacco Warehouse. These were boats that were similar to what Glen had built while working for other boat builders back where he had called home.

Eddie Smith and his family later brought into G-W when there was a business problem. While the original team built good boats, apparently, they did not run a good business. Eddie brought a business sense to the boat builder at first. Then, he became a champion sales success leader for the company and then later he bought the original partners out, when they wanted to retire.

Pictured here is the 2012 Grady White 306 Center Console that measures 30’ 6” down the center and needs a permit to trailer 10’ 7” at its widest point. The boat tends to weight over 10,000 lbs. ready to run and around 12,000 lbs. on a trailer going down the road. In a package B-M-T, She sells for around $230,000 from a local dealer. Just note the heft of the hardware on a Grady, please.

Powered with the popular package of twin 300 horsepower 4.2 Yamaha outboards, she gets good mileage of about 1.75 mpg at 22-23 mph and can hit 50 plus while getting just less than 1 mph. Avoid 2,500 rpm which is around 11 mph.

Award winning Grady White boats make this 306 model pictured and other center console fishing boats.

high speed turn in a Center Console Grady White

note the clean and dry running of a Grady White boat

photo image of a center console fishing boat

Trim the Yamaha engines under to keep the bow down in the water

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