Evinrude beats Mercury Marine Speedboat Record

evinrude outboard OMC starflite II boat photo image

World Record Run for Evinrude OMC Outboard Motors

Starflite III, the race boat, powered by a Starflite II, the OMC Evinrude outboard motor is shown setting a new World outboard Speed Record of 122.97 MPH is shown in this photo.

Starflite was the OMC Evinrude name for its 50 Horsepower V-4. In 1960 this engine was made lighter in weight and bigger in its displacement. Now as an 89.46 cubic inch V-4 engine, the next generation top-of-the-line OMC outboard was rated at 75 HP and named Starflite II.

Hu Entrop made a new race boat, Starflite III, a 14 foot long 3 point Hydroplane. At Lake Havasu, AZ in September 1960 he upped his OMC ( his prior Starflite Too had gone 114 MPH) and  Mercury Marine records (his and Burt Ross’s record in another Ted Jones Hydroplane).

Note, it has been suggested that Ralph Evinrude personally contributed with some of his own money to help Entrop with his two Evinrude boats and this round of record setting. Once the next boat came along a racing budget was inbedded within the company.

While the OMC racing effort used a bigger displacement engine than Mercury Marine (89.46 for the Evinrude, 59.4 for the Mercury), they used a pump gas and outboard oil mix to power the engine. He also used stock spark plugs in the motor. Hu did use megaphone exhaust stacks and a almost custom-made racing lower unit. Naturally, the since the starter was removed to save weight, someone had to hand coil a rope around the flywheel and do a rapid pull of that rope to get the engine to turn over (start). The lower unit had no gear set, the engine started in forward gear.

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