Demo Yamaha outboard powered boats on the Chesapeake Bay at the Bay Bridge Boat Show

Go to the Bay Bridge Boat Show where Yamaha wants you to experience their outboard power on the Chesapeake Bay April 20 and 21. They have single and multiple engines on fishing boats, rigged, and docked pier side for no-obligation demonstrations for show goers. The experience is special to the Boat Show, and it is free. It is one of the best events of the spring boating experiences boaters can enjoy with their admission ticket.

Yamaha believes that its future customers will understand all the power and technology that they pack into their outboard motor product best on the water in a Yamaha powered boat. Get in line, this free event will be popular. Make your visit to this slip-side display your first stop at the show. See what is going on, it is a great opportunity.

To Yamaha, it is about what their product can do for you, not how much they can sell to you. If they demonstrate that they make a superior product that fills your needs, you will buy it when you are ready. It goes back to the days of show and tell…. Not monthly payments. Yes, everyone hopes that you will like what you feel and experience and that like (may I say… LOVE?) will translate into a sale, but here at the Boat show, the like comes before the sale.

yamaha outboard powered boat eight

Do you need this many Yamaha Outboards? Yup, it is eight outboards shown

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