Correct Craft (Ski Nautique) buys engine makers

PCM marine engine for two sports boats and inboard cruisers

This is the 343 engine from PCM


Ski Nautique (Nautique Boat Company) bought both Crusader marine engine company and the PCM marine engine company. These brands share common management which will stay in place. Crusader and PCM engines are made in Little Mountain, SC. Crusader is considered the salt water and/or cruising boat brand, while the PCM makes its name in the ski/wake/surf boat market. Correct Craft boats are made in Orlando, FL. Seabuddy has visited the Nautique plant and gone through their boat building processes. Nice boats.

One of the top selling engines is their 343 horsepower, 350 cubic inch displacement V-8. This is pretty much a cast iron Chevy engine, marinized by PCM. It is a four star engine for the purposed of the EPA. Note, all outboards are still only rated as three star (not as clean burning) engines for the 2015 model year.

They also make other engines with ratings as high as 550 horsepower at 5,400 RPM and a maximum toque at 4,000 RPM. This is a Supercharged engine, based on the Caddy/ Chevy “LSA” engine. This is an aluminum block and heads engine. Note, a rev limiter comes in at 5,600 RPM on this engine.

For 2015, Crusader again offers its new in 2014 model year, Challenger series of marine engines for tow boat or tow sport usage. So, the brands are now starting to overlap, somewhat. That sets them up to be either both a high and value priced brand wthin the market or allows them to offer certain engine brands to certain boat companies.


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