Cobalt boats A series 28’ big block Mercruiser

2012 cobalt boat

bow rider fiberglass inboard outboard boat photo image

bow rider fiberglass inboard outboard boat photo image

She is a runabout, water sports craft, day cruiser, wakeboard boat depending on the given day you take her out for an adventure on the water. Always powered by a big block Chevy engine, made for marine use by either Mercruiser or Volvo-Penta, she delivers 50 mph plus speeds for a comfortable ride in rough water. Maybe the best one can get for a bow rider in a 2012 model boat. This boat is about the ride. Do not forget that.

Cobalt gives a great profile and a unique convex, sculpted hull design with stainless steel accents in its A series boat selections. That catches your eye as you first see the boat. Then the sheer luxury and finish takes your attention as you inspect the upholstery, the helm, the gel coat. You take note that there are no decals on the outside of the boat. You feel the heft of the metal parts. You go from section to section of the boat in your review and are never disappointed in this 28’ A series boat model.

Horsepower goes from 380 to 430, but any of the three choices give similar performance. A mile or two more in top end speed, but with a barely noticeable softer hole shot 0-30 mph time comes with the highest power. The most out-of-the-hole grunt is the feature of the base engine. So, pick your choice, top speed or fast acceleration.

Now talk about warrantee coverage and find all those items that are covered by a Cobalt warrantee that are not even mentioned by other brands. What are “non-defect” engine failures? Do you want them covered by your warrantee?

Oh, did seabuddy mention the swim platform feature that takes the swim deck 11” UNDER the water rather the typical 12” above the water for boarding?

Cobalt A28 series bow rider fiberglass I/O boat photo image

28 Cobalt Mercruiser 2012 model year bow rider boat photo image

Cobalt bow rider A 28 series boat interior photo image

Cobalt 28 foot bow rider swim platform down position boat photo

Cobalt inboard outboard bow rider head boat photo image

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