2013 Hinckley 34’ 3” twin diesel jet boat

photo of Hinckley boat

exterior boat photo of a Hinckley T34

Hinckley has a new boat coming for the summer of 2012 as a 2013 model year boat. She shows less teak, a ton and a half less weight, and therefore should come in at a lower price than a Picnic Boat. Oh boy! A discount Hinckley.

Just a minute. Price is not what stops a Hinckley Picnic boat sale and will not make a sale of a T34 (the model name of the new 2013 boat). Experienced yachtsmen buy a Hinckley because they have fallen in love with the boat before them and have the coin in their pocket to buy what they want. It is not a budget buyers boat.

Certainly, Hinckley lost ground in the sales department when they replaced a single diesel powered boat to one that grew in size and heft that it took twin diesels to power it properly. Doubling the engine count drove a big jump in pricing, both in purchase price as well as in ongoing yacht attention and maintenance. That single diesel, first generation Picnic Boat was what made the company. It went from a small high quality sailboat builder to a wildly successful powerboat boat builder that sold hundreds of a single model rather than a sales pace of a hand full of a single model. It may be the biggest success story in a boat building company in the last twenty years.

Going slightly smaller with the new 2013 T34 will not impact the price that much. With the smaller boat one gets a smaller master forward vee berth, a smaller head, etc.

First, please check that you easily fit in the various areas inside the cabin and that it does comfortably what you want a cabin boat to do for your family.

Second, take a ride. A Hinckley Picnic boat first generation or second generation rides, handles, and performs like a dream (OK, a first generation is a little slow, but that did not stop its great success).  Part of that wonderful boat performance is dictated by how quickly the bow widens to support the boat weight and room up front. The T34 may have given up some of that Hinckley ride performance in a stiff chop to fit all the accommodations in the shorter hull.

yacht photo Hinckley fiberglass powerboat

Cockpit boat photo showing transom door

cabin boat photo T34

Cabin of T34 Hinckley boat photo

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