2012 Mercury Marine diesel engine specifications

audi 4.2 mercury marine 350 Hp TDI diesel boat yacht engine

2012 Marine Mercury Marine 4.2 TDI diesel engine

Audi and VW make an approx. 350 horsepower marine diesel engine. In a joint marketing agreement, Mercury Marine sells that engine packaged with a transmission (inboard or vee drive) or a stern drive (I/O). This is a sophisticated engine that can be found in some Audi A8 and 7 cars on the road.

It’s a high torque engine for good acceleration and low time to plane times for boats. This engine uses a 3.27 bore with a stroke of 3.76 inches. Using a 90 degree V-8 it is a Turbo-charged, Direct Injection (TDI) design, the guts of the marine Audi diesel engine is made in Gyor, Hungary by Audi . The crankshaft features 4 bolts to hold it in place (4 bolt main). The piston’s connecting rods are fracture split. Mahle aluminum pistons are used. The heads are also aluminum and of a 4 valve design. It’s properly called a common rail engine. Like seabuddy said, it is a sophisticated engine.

These engines offer the best of automotive-like quality and durability that a German engine maker brings to the marine marketplace. This is up-to-the-minute diesel expertise for a low or no smoke exhaust. It gives excellent milage.

Mercury Marine digital throttle and shift (DTS), Sea Core, and Axius systems are all available with this 252 cubic inch displacement (4.2 L) marine diesel engine. That 350 Hp. that this engine is rated at is more horsepower from a smaller displacement engine than the popular V-6 gas engine that both Volvo Penta and Mercury Marine offer. That is a milestone in seabuddy’s opinion.

Photo courtesy of Mercury Marine

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  • Good morning. Could you please give me a cost and delivery time to Broome in Western Australia for two of your V8 TDI 4.2l engines. I will give you a list of extras on receipt of your info. Alternatively if you have an Australian distributor then please give me this info. Many thanks. Roger

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