2012 Cobalt 242 bow rider test results

2012 bow rider runabout stern drive 242 Cobalt

A good ride comes standard with a 2012 Cobalt 242 bow rider

Here is a top shelf fiberglass bow rider that goes right at 47-50 MPH with a 305 cubic inch 5.0, breaks 50 MPH with a 350 cubic inch 5.7 and gets another 7 to 8 MPH on top of those numbers with a big block Mercruiser and its Mercury Marine I/O. All these power choices use a Chevy block as a base starting point for the gas engine.

The Mercury Marine Bravo Three drive with two props on one drive shaft is popular as is the similar Volvo – Penta Duo-Prop outdrive. Hole shot or 0 to 30 MPH acceleration times in the seven to eight second range indicates how well the hull and power packages are matched up. By the way, the best fuel economy is in the 22 MPH to 30 MPH cruising speed range.

She is a very well detailed luxury runabout with seating in the bow featuring a special foot well space, good hand rail positioning, comfortable seating, all within a deep, secure cockpit. A Cobalt designed boat really focuses on cockpit space, especially its interior width. High spec materials in a good hefty weight and well attached is all over and under a Cobalt boat. Quality, thoughtful touches, and cockpit comfort with room comes with a Cobalt boat as standard equipment. Cobalt’s warrantee coverage on this 242 bow rider boat is outstanding. Just check all the parts, items, events, and systems that are covered.

Another nice thing with a Cobalt is that one needs only to add 7-8% to the base price for a well equipped boat. A loaded boat takes more than that, but careful selection of the needed options keeps the add-ons down.

Cobalt Boats 2012 bow rider wide interior cockpit boat photo

Finely detailed luxury inside a 242 Cobalt 2012 cockpit

private head compartment in a 2012 cobalt 242 model boat photo

tall inside the private head compartment of 242 Cobalt 2012 boat

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  • How does Bryant boats stack up to Cobalt? Bryant is wood free what about Cobalt? What about resale. i must admit that I have a Bryant and it has been a good boat but it is a 2001 and I know it is time to invest in a new boat next year.


    Brad Bouse

  • I know the owners of both companies and have toured their plants. I like them both.

    Both hold their value, but Joe Brant does not have the distribution that Cobalt does, so there are pockets within the country that a Bryant Boat is not well known.

    Joe’s boats are 100% wood free, Cobalt is too, in the important parts, but respects/has used a tiny bit of wood in interior trim pieces in the past few years.

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