1,500 V-16 Engine hi-po boat engine

It has 1,500 horsepower with less weight than other 1,500 Hp engines, it uses easy to find “pump gas” , no superchargers, it is a less stressed engine, so it should come with more reliability in high performance boating. Using light metals and requiring only 750 Hp from 540 cubic inch marine engines to make the 1,500 Hp is the secret in the news with the Lightning Performance Group engine.

lighning performance group V 16 1500 Hp engine

Keith Eickert and Don Onken show their 1500 Hp V-16 marine engine

Keith Eickert, one of the top names in the marine performance industry has teamed together with Don Onken to make the new company and its products. The company is located in the central part of the state of Illinois in Easton, Illinois. This is home country for Don, while Keith used to work in the hi-performance boat world from his home in south florida. Together, they take their passion for fast boats, fast engines, and high performance to a new high.

race boat engine photo image V-16 1,500 Hp keith eickert don onken lightning performance

High Horsepower V-16 marine engine is two 540 cu. in. engines coupled together

Words like “bulletproof” are whispered around the V-16, 1,500 horsepower engine. These men have the background in the marine hi-performance industry that can bring reliability to high horsepower marine engines. Lower operating expenses also come with the new engines. Because of market demand for bigger and faster boats, Marine engine builders have been requested to serve up more horsepower, reliability.“Building high horsepower engines has never been a problem, the problems come in the lack of reliability, higher expenses and the lack of reliable sources of quality fuel.” The concept of coupling 2 V-8’s together to run as one addresses the problems according to the Lightning Performance Group.

V-16 marine engine 1,500 horsepower race boat image photo

prototype of V-16 1,500 horsepower marine engine now winning races

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