Do: Rinse vinyl curtains with freshwater first.

Do: Keep a chamois separate for use on curtains only.

Do: Use mild liquid soap (boat soap) and be sure to use clean

water while using the chamois to clean any residue the fresh

water rinse did not remove.

Do: Once or twice per month, following a thorough cleaning,

polish all clear vinyl curtains with D.W. Davies’ Klear to Sea,

Damon Chemicals Fine and Shine, Sumner Labs’ 210 Plastic

Cleanser and Polish, or an equivalent.

Do Not: Roll up curtains when wet or allow water to lay in

rolled up curtains. These will create a milky haze and speed

the deterioration of your vinyl curtains.

Do: Use baby diapers (or equivalent) as polishing cloths. Be

sure to use only cotton, no synthetic materials, no materials

with stitching.

Do: Always roll your curtains and store flat. DO NOT FOLD


Do: Keep zippers clean and lubricate zipper and zipper slides,

even if no metal parts are involved.

Do Not: Overlook small rips and punctures. They can be

mended with a liquid vinyl.

Do Not: Get insect spray or other petroleum distillates on your

curtains, such products will cause permanent hazing and lead

to premature vinyl degradation.

Do Not: Use any wax or cleaner not specifically designed for

clear vinyl on your curtains.

Do Not: Force zippers when trying to open or close them while

underway. Doing so will lead to broken zippers or torn out


NOTE: Large vinyl curtains will shrink approximately 1/2″ with

a ten (10) degree drop in temperature.

Tips courtesy of

Seabuddy uses:


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  • Gib McCall:

    I have a center console boat with a tinted windshield. When the sun hits the windshield, you can hardly see through it due to a small “cracked ice” appearance all over the windshield. Is there any solution that you know of, short of replacing the windshield? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Gib McCall

  • I never tried it for your use, but Meguire’s Wax has had clean up plastic and plexi products for years, they have a tech help telephone number and I suggest you call them.

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