The secret, do not use too much Meguiars Flagship Cleaner Wax

This is the back of the Meguiars Flagship Cleaner / Wax bottle. Do as it says and it is magic!

Directions for using Meguiars Flagship Cleaner / Wax

Note, West Marine was running out of this product where I bought mine. Its hard to get, buy it if you see it at your marine store.

Check West Marine’s price on the new Meguiars Flagship Cleaner / Wax big bottle this weekend. They are having a limited time promotion going with this boat care product number M6132. Always check for this number, as the bottle is not that diffferent looking from others. It’s a barn burner price at West Marine now, to me.

Do not buy last year’s “Wax only” number M63 if you want a good cleaner to spiff up your fiberglass boat while you wax. This stuff is so new that many retail stores do not understand the difference.

Want more information or have a particular question? Call Meguiars at 1-800-347-5700. They are there to explain how to best select and use any Meguiars product on your boat.

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