QL Neutra-Salt engine improvement feature for your boat

The QL Neutra-Salt Engine

Flushing System is now available

for installation on all gasoline

inboards and sterndrives.


system is designed for both

freshwater- and saltwater-cooled

engines that have an enginedriven

raw-water pump. As a

saltwater boater, you’re continually

challenged by the corrosive effects

of salt — both inside and outside

your engine — particularly when

the boat is sitting unused in the

water. Now, with the installation

and use of the QL Neutra-Salt

Engine Flushing System, you have

an effective and simple solution to

combat internal corrosion and

help extend the life of your engine.

Benefits of our

flushing system:

•Flushes your engine while the

boat is sitting in the water —

there is no need to trailer your

boat or hook up to a freshwater

supply in order to flush and

protect your engine

•Helps protect your engine from

saltwater damage

•Helps prevent corrosion by

removing salt deposits, leaving

a protective corrosion inhibitor

on all metal surfaces, including:

Power-steering and oil cooler,

engine block, exhaust manifold

and risers, thermostat housing,

circulating and raw-water pumps

•Installs easily and operates


Kit includes: one quart of QL

Neutra-Salt motor flushing

concentrate, 3-quart reservoir

with mounting bracket, eight

feet of hose, brass raw-water

inlet tee fitting, connecting hose

for power-steering cooler, hose

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