Nikon Waterproof Binoculars… Cheap

Marine Binoculars sale waterproof, fog free

Nikon Binoculars come with a shoulder bag and are in a box, full warranty, too

At Land booth C3, is something Boat Show goers need to check out. Seabuddy has been asked to not publish the barn burner price here. You must go to the booth, as it is too low to print. Forget about $299.95, think about less than a single hand full of twenties. 8 by 36 with a good field of view, waterproof, fog free, shoulder camera bag, Nikon warranty,  and it is a Nikon. It is a WOW price, believe me.

Send your wife to see some nice clothing and inspect something that is a real bargain for your boat or yacht. See Defender at the show.

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