a Useful Pump for Wooden Boat, Home, Race Boat. Xmas Gift idea.

rule pump evacuator 8000 dewatering pump boat home racer

one of the Top Xmas gift for boaters

Boy, is this on my holiday gift list!

Ideal for;

Perfect for an antique and classic boat during spring launch soak up.

Great to get water out of a race boat between heats.

It will cover my backside if I forget the trailer boat drain plug again.

Also gets heavy storm water out of your basement at home.

The Rule Evacuator 8000 is totally portable with a fast 12 volt hook-up in a high capacity, proven pump design with a convenient on/off switch and a filter designed to stop liter from blocking the pump’s action. It is perfect for marine and land emergency events and quick dewatering.

Here is what a boater needs to know; it flows 8,000 gallons per hour (GPH) on a level surface discharge, put its output up 9 feet and still flow 5,000 gallons, and it even dewaters if your discharge is up 24 feet! That is up and out over a one high seawall or Erie Canal Lock wall!

The EV8000 by Rule is actually two 4,000 GPH pumps in one unit. The proven DC motors have been used in over 15,000,000 applications.  It comes with a 25 foot cable and quick connect clips, and an easy on/off switch.

Set it down in the water to be removed, bring a marine or car battery nearby, clip the two together, and flip the switch.

Good for both fresh and salt water. Good for water with flotsam and jetsam in it. Easy to stow.

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