Mildew STAIN remover new bottle, KEEPS QUALITY FORMULA

Labels can be misleading.  Thetford Marine has changed the name of its powerful Mildew Stain Remover to Multi-Purpose Stain Remover, better indicating just how many different types of stains it can eliminate.  DfE-recognized, this cleaner still features the same biodegradable formula with an added oxygenating power.
Tough on stains, the Multi-Purpose Stain Remover is chlorine-free and color-safe for all fabrics and materials.  It also won’t harm finishes or decals and is ideal for awnings, rubber moldings, canvas, vinyl and almost all other surfaces.  This cleaner is also great as a laundry pre-spot to remove stains on clothing, such as those from spaghetti sauce, chocolate, blood and felt-tip pens.  It’s essential when eliminating cranberry juice, dirt, grease, pet, coffee and even crayon stains on carpet and upholstery.
Environmentally friendly, the biodegradable Multi-Purpose Stain Remover is part of Thetford’s comprehensive Design for the Environment (DfE)-recognized, premium marine care line and is available in a bright green, 32 fl. oz, 100% recyclable spray bottle.  The EPA founded the DfE program in the early 1990s to champion risk reduction through pollution prevention.  All products carrying the EPA/DfE logo do not contain inorganic phosphates, hazardous solvents or environmentally harmful
surfactants, and use only the safest possible ingredients while maintaining or improving product performance.
Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Thetford Corp. is the world’s leading supplier of sanitation and refrigeration products for the recreational vehicle, marine and heavy-duty truck industries.  Thetford is a privately-held company with eight manufacturing facilities in four nations.
Thetford subsidiaries include Norcold, America’s leading manufacturer of gas-absorption refrigerators and freezers for the RV, marine and truck markets, Tecma, a producer of fine-china toilets and powerful waste-transfer systems based in Italy.

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