Hydraulic steering is best for control

THE STERNDRIVE CYLINDER is equipped with a stainless steel transom mount and integral clevis joint which allows pivoting action in two planes. Fluid ports are 1/4″ NPT and four standard stroke lengths are available, with a choice of polished or white powder coat transom mounts. All part numbers are for one cylinder and mount assembly. Some applications require multiple cylinders – consult your sales specialist.

Choose from 7a’ to 10 ” strokes.

Best known for its high performance hydraulic steering and tie-bar systems, Latham Marine has out-paced any competition and is internationally used by top racing teams, performance boat enthusiasts and people who take “pleasure” boating seriously. With over 10,000 parts and 7,000 components, including drive accessories, trim tabs, controls, lifts and hoses and fittings, all engineered in-house and built in the USA, Latham Marine products are hard-tested in the most brutal environments, resulting in robust, ultra-reliable marine hardware.

Latham Marine also expanded from performance boats to fishing boats and sport yachts where stronger, better-engineered systems were needed to accommodate the extra power, weight and speeds of today’s technology.

Bob Latham is always on call to design and build a better way.

The front and side-mount steering systems for the larger outboard Yamaha and Verado engines are now used on all Intrepid boats and are the steering of choice for discerning boaters. Latham Marine’s first lift system was used exclusively by Thunderbird boats and the company’s newest remote-controlled hydraulic lift system with fully encased cables and hoses is available to boat builders or after-market customers.

“I don’t make anything I wouldn’t use on my own boat.” – Bob Latham

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