Building Chris Craft: insidethe factories by Tony Molloica

Wow, what a book!

Details on Gar Wood and Chris Smith as racers. competitors, partners, boat builders are all covered with fresh insight and facts.

Races and the balance of profit and fun in the boating industry is well woven into the context of the time frames discussed.

It all seems as if you are there and with Tony Molllica ( a fisrt class historian and researcher on boats and Chris Smith, you are (Chris worked in the family business)

The title is a little misleading as “inside the factories” suggests to me some dry reading, and this lavish book is not dry…it full of stories and interesting facts. Do not read it before bed time, you can not put it down.!

Building Chris-Craft: Inside the Factories     

Author: Anthony S. Mollica, Jr.

Author: Christopher J. Smith

For more than half a century, Chris-Craft reigned supreme in the world of motorboating. This market dominance was due in no small part to the design and construction techniques employed in the company’s studios and on its factory floors. Building Chris-Craft examines the company’s design and production heritage, looking at Chris-Craft’s considerable accomplishments in the context of key competitors and industrial trends in general. High-quality archival images take readers inside the factories, design studios, and lofts of Chris-Craft factories in Algonac, Holland; Cadillac, Michigan; Salisbury, Maryland; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Caruthersville, Missouri.

Format: Hardbound

Pages: 176

Length: 10.875 x 9.25

ISBN-13: 9780760335925

Catalog ID: 147136

  Price: $40.00 

Availability: Just out now (august 2010)

photo credit mariners museum

3 Responses to “Building Chris Craft: insidethe factories by Tony Molloica”

  • Al Benton:

    This is a great addition to Mollica,s published books. It contains new insight into Chris-Craft history, possible due to working very closely with Chris Smith. It’s a treat reading Chris Smith’s many stories in the sidebars as well.

    Quite a few of the photos published in the book were provided by Bill Basler and the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club Archives. Most of them are from The Mariners’ Museum, Library, Chris-Craft Archival Collection. It’s a rare collection of historic photography as well as good reading and historic documentation. Very well done!

  • Its tops in my book, too!

  • BTW, seabuddy suggests one takes a look at the quarterly Chris Craft Book / Magazine that Bill
    Basler puts out…its a work of artr and gives back any club membership dues that it requires to get it.

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