Boater Painter paints a Piano

Dean Loucks Fine Art line, making its debut in New York.

Loucks, whose artistry spans a broad spectrum of “moving” art including race boats, ¬†motorcoaches painted for rock and country stars, powerboats, helicopters, offshore racers, pokerrun boats, river racers, and motorcycles, as well as his own interpretation of “canvas” works, had an idea to paint pianos when his chance meeting of Becker brought the concept through to fruition.

While Loucks’ art is unusual in both look and painting technique, he strikes a new “note” by including a custom-painted, Semi-Concert Grand Sauter piano in his sizable exhibit. Represented in the show by Global Fine Art, Inc

The piano acquisition and display was arranged by Noble Art Pianos, of Easton, Pennsylvania, a company specializing in sales of Sauter, Petrof, Hailun and Ravenscroft pianos, among others. President Peter Becker met Loucks and was impressed by the “new” quality of his artistry and the potential of introducing his work to the fine art and music community. “Painting on pianos is not new in itself-it has been done for over 100 years, but Dean’s work is ‘now,’ new, contemporary and tasteful,” Becker states, “In the past, some treatments were gaudy–he paints things I would want in my home.”

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