Bobby Banister owns a GarWood 40.  GarWood has long produced fine, high-performance wooden powerboats that are a joy to drive.

        A major part of the maintenance regimen involves keeping the GarWood dry.  Excess water sloshing around in bilges only causes problems, and it is a continuous hassle to manually dry out all of the small compartments that tend to gather water.

        “You never run out of pockets on a wooden boat,” said Banister.  “You can never get [the water] all out.  You can only take it so far, as the bilge pump only takes it to an inch of water.”

        The GarWood is watertight.  However, freshwater from rain or washing is likely to make its way into obscure areas, where it will stagnate.

        Using vacuum technology, every last drop of liquid is drawn through the pickups into the central Arid Bilge unit, where it is automatically expelled out of the boat.  Banister no longer has to worry about standing bilge water, and the resulting unpleasant odors; instead, he can focus on enjoying his classic speedboat.

        The Series 2 nano unit from Arid Bilge Systems is available in one or two zone configurations.  Measuring 11.75″ H x 5.75″ W and 7″ D, it has a dry weight of only 8 lbs. and a maximum flow rate of 3.5 gallons an hour.  Operating on 12V DC, it draws only 1 amp during charge cycles, less than 1/2 amp during suction cycles and less than 1 milliamp during normal standby use.

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