Holiday Boater Gifts $100 to $500 Custom Pillows

Sunbrella fabric in seabuddy’s mind is the world leader of marine grade fabric. While I think of it as a fairly local company, as they are in North Carolina, they are international with a presence in Italy, Germany, India, China, France, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, Africa, Canada, and Uruguay as well as in the United States in GA, CA, WV, TX, CO, FL, and NJ. A kind of big company for being a player within the boating industry.

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One of hundreds of designs

Sunbrella is an acrylic performance fabric, not cotton goods. It is colored (dyed) before it is woven, therefore, the color is always there. It is also made to breath via the weave.

The company was started in 1880. Members of that founding family are still involved with the ownership and management. The Sunbrella fabric came into the boating and the marine industry first in the 1960s.

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Another recent pillow pattern

Sunbrella is sold as a fabric to boat builders as well as to others, and starting in around 2007 Cushease made the solution dyed acrylic fiber woven cloth Sunbrella goods into products for marine, indoor and outdoor use. They are at the top of the quality level and hold a stellar reputation when one talks within the marine industry about them. Their pillows and other products are built to stand up outdoors while making a statement indoors, if one so chooses. Cushease products are all USA made in their company’s home town of Clearwater, Florida.

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Cushease makes many designer pillows

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