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Bow Rider Helm. Do not miss this one!

Going to a boat show? Take more than a look and sit in, adjust, and observe just how good the helm station is in a 264 FS bow rider.  Study the fit and high level of finish within the cockpit that it leads your eye and hand to experience major improvements that Monterey Boats is bringing to the marine marketplace. Look at the eyebrow over the dash and the gauges. It is as good as it gets for 2014!

monterey boat helm bow rider marine photo image

Monterey boats helm and cpatain's station

Board the boat from the swim platform and see the sun pad that changes into a rear seat.  Try the comfort of that seat and others. Definitely try the driver’s command chair and ALL of its features. Feel the shifter and eye the gauges their sight lines.

This is a 26’ 7” LOA bow rider runabout by Monterey Boats out of Florida that sets a fresh standard of luxury, effectiveness, and comfort for a day boat. Helm chair features, vinyl choices, storage, and comfort underfoot have all been addressed.

monterey boats bow rider fiberglass sport boat

aft seat set down as a sun platform

runabout bow seating rider monterey boats,

Bow seating in the Monterey Boats 264 FS

This boat has an 8’ 6” beam and is easy to trailer. She has a sweet running hull that takes an afternoon chop well and uses extra power easily. Special hull features are valuable items in terms of performance on the water. See the chine detail for yourself at a boat show. Power this one up. Check the gas tank capacity, also, as a for instance. Ask about these hull design and construction features and decide what power choices will do the job for you. The Monterey Boats 264 FS is a hit in the boating marketplace and a do not miss boat to see at a boat show.

Seabuddy thanks Monterey boats for these photos.

monterey boats on the water running

The good running Monterey 264 FS

Javits Center NY Boat Show


    Wednesday – January 19 12:00pm to 9:00pm

    Thursday – January 20 12:00pm to 9:00pm

    Friday – January 21 12:00pm to 9:00pm

    Saturday – January 22 10:00am to 9:00pm

    Sunday – January 23 10:00am to 6:00pm


Astor Parking Corporation, 1515 Broadway at 44th Street, 212.869.3543

Central Parking System  800-836-6666.

485 10th avenue

433 West 37th street

453 West 35th street

550 West 37th street

Convention Center- 551 W. 38th street

417 W. 35th street

447-9th avenue

490 11th avenue

521 9th avenue

346 W. 40th street

Lincoln- 324 W. 34th street

West 40th street

640 W. 42nd street, New York

Penn Mark Garage- 304 W. 34th street

Oil Market Garage- 575 11th avenue

New York City Post Office- 360 W. 31st street

Port Authority Bus Terminal- 628 8th avenue

Enterprise Parking System 212-564-3199

          404 West 37th Street (btw 9th and 10th Avenue)

          453 West 38th Street (btw 10th and 9th Avenue)

          451 10th Avenue (btw 35th and 36th Street)

          343 10th Avenue (on the corner of 10th Ave and 30th Street)

          506 West 30th Street (btw 11th and 10th Avenue)

          447 West 35th Street (btw 10th and Dryer)

          444 10th Avenue (btw 35th and 34th Street) 320 West 30th Street (btw 9th and 8th Avenue)

Square Industries, 306 West 44th Street, 212.247.5807

Shh! early warning…

Watch out, small outboard engine power is changing next week.

Boaters will see it in their West Marine Store next spring (2011).

West Marine is expected to carry a branded outboard line that will lead the marketplace with a far stronger product in its electric offerings, with new motors and with light weight, powerful batteries that will work well in boats.

GDP of China and Boating

China, as a nation, grows at a 9 % per year rate versas a 1/2% per year rate in the US.

Boston Whaler outboards


In the early 1960’s Homelite developed a derivative of the Crosley engine into a successful 4-stroke outboard engine. They increased the displacement of the cast iron block to almost 60-cubic-inches, enabling the engine to be rated at 55-HP at 5500 RPM. All the outstanding features of the Crosley engine were retained, like the integral cylinder heads, which eliminate any potential problems due to head gasket failure, the precise bevel-gear-driven overhead cam, which eliminates timing variations from belt sloppiness, the extra strong five main bearing balanced steel crankshaft, and the lightweight aluminum crankcase casting, aluminum valve covers, and aluminum oil pan.

The Homelite 4-stroke outboard was years ahead of its time, but its marketing was limited by the lack of a recreational marine dealer network. By 1966 it had caught the attention of Dick Fisher, probably by being used on the transom of his own Boston Whaler, and Homelite agreed to sell their outboard manufacturing to Fisher Pierce.

Fisher Pierce Bearcat 55

There were probably many things about the Homelite 55 that attracted Dick Fisher. Like his Boston Whalers, the outboard was unconventional and in many ways superior to the conventional 2-cycle outboards, just as his Boston Whalers were superior to most conventional boats.

Under Fisher Pierce the Homelite engine was re-badged as the Bearcat-55. The juxtaposition of “bear” and “cat” is a bit unusual, like “Boston” and “whaler.” Fisher was fond of such “un-straight” (as he called them) names for his products. Although the name does not dovetail with other Whaler related products, “bearcat” does suggest the potential of great power in small size.

Fisher Pierce produced the four-cycle outboard for six years, from 1966 until 1972…

Seabuddy thanks for info and parts…

Discount Marine Parts
Phone 4524 D Road •  PO Box 98 Fax
906-466-2180 Bark River, MI 49807 906-466-0217

Chris and Craft first tied together in spring, 1922

Although Chris Smith started building boats as a business along side his duck decoys business in 1874, it was not until one of his kids (his young son, Hamilton) said “Chriscraft”. that the two words were tied together. Page 20 and page 33 of the new book…ISBN 978-0-7603-3592-5

Build your own LS7 or LS9 engine for $5,800.

There are businesses that let you glaze your own pottery, cook your own steak or pick your own strawberries, but when it comes to the hands-on experience, a new offer from General Motors has them all beat. If you order a 2011 Corvette Z06 or ZR1, you have the option of traveling to GM’s Performance Build Center in Wixom, Michigan, and hand-assembling your car’s LS7 or LS9 engine. It’s called the Corvette Engine Build Experience, and is believed to be the first program of its kind (if any readers would like to dispute that claim, please do so). If you don’t like the idea of providing GM with your mechanical expertise for no cost, don’t worry – you’ll have to pay an extra $US5,800 for the privilege.

…as complete rollers, so says MaxiMini


The cars will come completely assembled and painted (less engine & transmission). Custom paint jobs will also be available. Vehicles can be purchased directly from Tasca Ford in Cranston, Rhode Island, or from Factory Five Racing, in Wareham, MA.  

The new program and professionally-built cars will be unveiled at the 13th Annual Tasca-Mustang and Ford show this coming Sept 11, 2010, at Tasca Ford in Cranston, RI and at the 2010 SEMA show in Las Vegas this coming November.  

“This program brings together two great New England companies.  Tasca’s legendary history with Ford and their unquestioned racing/automotive expertise is a perfect match for our modern engineering and performance-based chassis designs.  It is such an honor to bring manufacturing jobs to New England and to do so with an exciting and global-reaching product like our new ‘33 Hot Rod built with the professionals at Tasca Ford.  


                                                                                                Dave Smith, President Factory Five Racing

Bow High in a Classic Chris Craft

Chris Craft wanted the two cockpits forward with the engine and its shafting behind them.

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At the dock, electricity and water can be a hazardous combination.  To help marinas, boat owners and builders meet the new ABYC Code Requirements, Hubbell Marine…

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