Wood Jersey Speed Skiff

classic bright finished wood boat photo image

Classic wood inboard runabout boat, Jersey Speed Skiff style

Is this a legal Jersey Speed Skiff for boat racing?  Is a boat made out of wood legal? Or, does the hull need to be made in a female boat mold? If it is a made out of wood racing boat, does the minimum weight rule apply? Does a portion of the boat bottom need to be flat?

This boat is bright varnished finished like a piano. It is finished and buffed to a perfect wood finish.  The wood grain within the rare wood selected for the hull and deck as well as the overall fit and craftsmanship of this wooden boat is superior when one gets up close to it in person. Only the of the hull part intended to be underwater is painted.

Note that the hull sides are in the carvel planked style as is the deck, but the bottom is a stepped or clinker built style for good aeration when the boat is under way. These longitudinal steps are there to make the wood boat hull bottom free up from the water, or air out somewhat. It makes for easier quick boat turning as they allow this wood boat to bank into a turn, not tilt away from it. Of course it will slide around as much as really bank and turn on the water.

These seabuddy boat image photos were taken in Germany so its European based engine would also need an exception for displacement if racing within a legal class of boat racing in the United States and Canada. Seabuddy does not know of a correct size gas engine made in the European countries that meet U S Jersey Speed Skiff racing rules.

classic wood runabout boat photo image

Hull bottom classic wood runabout boat showing stepped clinker style

classic cockpit of wood boat photo image

Aft located single cockpit of a classic wood runabout boat

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  • Ned L:

    Sorry to say that this design does not meet the requirements of a Jersey speed skiff for sanctioned racing (in a lot of ways). Speed skiffs are 16′ minimum length, flat bottom, lapstrake sides, soft chine, may be wood or glass, must have a foreward cockpit. A reverse lap bottom like this is not allowed. That is just the beginning
    Engines for APBA racing are either Chevy 283 or 305 CID.

  • I thought it was a stretch. Thanks.

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