Volvo and Tiara Yachts come with outstanding performance

the Tiara Yachts 4500 Sovern underway

At 4.4 mph a 4500 Tiara Yacht is estimated to get a range of 1951 miles from its tankage.

At 19.6 mph the same boat and power (870 Hp total) gets a range of 255 miles.

At 30 mph she gets 280 miles in her range.

At 36 mph (WOT) she still is estimated to get a range of 256 miles.

These are the numbers for Tiara Yachts new 4500 with about a 1,000 lbs of gear on board.

Look for a new Tiara 4500 Sovran powered with the twin Volvo IPS 600 package, which is her standard power.

To get 255 miles to 256 miles from her standard tankage from as slow as 19.6 mph to as fast as 36 mph shows a very well developed hull shape, running balance, prop set, and power package combo.

She is a nice express cruising with a hardtop boat that comes with top shelf back-up support, too. And take a look at her standard teak wood interior.

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