Vic Spellberg now at Cigarette Racing Team


It seemed a natural fit for Vic Spellberg — a former racer to find his calling at Cigarette Racing Team, home to both performance and luxury.  As Director of Sales and Promotion, Spellberg will work with both retail customers and dealers while promoting brand awareness through Cigarette’s corporate marketing activities.

Spellberg raced “Secret Formula” a 302 with Scott Porter, Formula’s president in the late 70’s and over his 12 year racing career, earned a number of titles including back-to-back Southeast Divisional Championships in 1985-86.

“Loving the ‘performance’ side of the business, I see Cigarette as a brand, epitomizing that lifestyle,” says Spellberg.

Cigarette Racing Team has its heritage in the racing prowess of founder, Don Aronow, but since his acquisition of the company in 2002, Braver made a conscious decision to remain focused on recreational boating.  “We have a simple goal here — build the best-running, most reliable, safe and well-designed performance boat on the market,” states Braver.

Cigarette Racing Team is the icon of the powerboat industry as most use the term “Cigarette Boat” to refer to any performance boat.  The company was founded in 1969 by Don Aronow, the notorious Godfather of Powerboat Racing who won numerous World Championship titles, and raised the profile of his company by association with stars, presidents and kings who were customers and friends.  Since 2002, the company has been operated by its current owner, Skip Braver, who brought Cigarette back to its initial status as the brand leader in performance, quality, safety and style.  Cigarette is not just a powerboat, it is a lifestyle.

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