Truth in Advertising in boats sales

How about you walk into a boat dealer that advertises that it stocks 15 different models from two different boat builders and realizing that right in the middle of you are finally committed to getting-a-boat action statement or your boat buying process, that the retail boat dealer’s company ad or the boat dealer web site said something and presented a far different image in your mind than what you drove all that way to see, buy, and enjoy cruising /water sports on the water, RIGHT NOW.

How many times do you pick out a broker’s or private party used boat for sale listing and find out that it did not describe the boat that you took time away from your day to see? She is not a cream puff, she only has a WOT speed of 17 mph, not the 28 mph that was in the listing.

What do you do? I’ll tell you what I do this year now. Sea trial after a good faith, fully refundable with no hazzles, deposit with the understanding that you only want what the Boat For Sale ad says – and that the seller must make good on what the ad says – at his expense.

Here is what seabuddy / Chris Brown has run across in the last 90 days in boat for sale shopping.

A new Boat Dealer only has one new, never-been-in-the-water, boat in stock, ready for delivery.

A advertised 25 knot cabin cruiser that sea trialed at 16- 17 mph WOT.

A used boat that was not ready to show and go, but needed a estimated $10,000 refinishing job by a quality boat Shop.

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