TNT marina, seabuddy’s favorite FL Dry Rack

This place continues to amaze me!

Good service, friendly people, and a very clean place to start my boating experience from.

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This is a full service marina, but let me first say that the indoor dry (Rack) stack boat storage is top shelf and just the most effective way to keep a “less than 11’ 6” beam boat in South Florida, IMO.

Using a wet slip for your or my boat is also a choice with some. Here I find oversize pilings, good walkways, and neighboring boaters that do not bang into my boat when using their boat. All good and important stuff to me.

Oh, and having a fueling station with all the popular quick supplies less than 10 feet away for the do-it-yourself boater maintenance items and much of the snacks makes it an easy one-stop for a day of boating.

They do far more than almost any marina within 100 yds of the inside dry stack boat storage building (its huge!), but that is another feature for another day for seabuddy.

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Let me quote them here for the other contact info,

“VHF 67,  305-947-6088,

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