Seabuddy and seabuddyonboats wishes you…

Fair Winds and Following Seas…

My friend

Matthews cruiser under power

Ask the doctor for a “boater’s scar” tomorrow.

Note, the photo is of a post World War II Matthews 38’ cruiser.

Matthews boats / yachts were built in Port Clinton, OH from 1890 to 1975.

Her sister ship is on the hard while her skipper chases some hospital staff from his bed to his chair and back again. Its called exercise.

Everything is reported to be well and comfortable,  pre-op, except for the lack of salt in his food. And, oh ya, and no Hot Corn Beef Sandwiches from Attman’s, either.

Attman’s, by the way, has been in the downtown area within the water –front city of Baltimore since 1915. (410-563-2666 ) for the best Hot “Corn Beef, Mustard, Rye” south of New York  Practice saying that  before you go. It helps make you feel like a regular customer.

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