Riva Runabout with 760 Hp Yanmar v drive inboards

A millionaire’s sport boat that is interesting for all boaters that value fine design to study. This boat has a suggested cruising speed of 40 mph and tops out at it’s WOT at around 47 mph with comfort and high level luxury for those few Yachtsmen that possess her.

Sold and serviced by Allied Marine with several offices and support locations through out Florida.. (at the Stuart office: tom.jenkins@alliedmarine.com)  

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Fiberglass, metal, leather, and wood are fashioned into a stunner on the water in Riva’s  craft, the Aquariva Super. Let seabuddy quote here “The lines, carpentry, chrome, lacquer-work, leather, woodwork, fittings, literally everywhere you look, make Aquariva a star, in a collection of stars.”

The boat specs of an LOA of 33’ with a 9’ 2” beam and a dry weight of about 6 tons, is not the way to understand what Riva created when it brought this sport boat to market. This is a statement of design and heritage that extends back many generations in time in the lake region in Northern Italy.

Craftsmanship, unmatchable quality, innovative but always functional design, has always been Riva’s hallmark.
Those same principles remain firmly in place. With meticulous attention to structural detail, every boat in the Riva Line, from 33ft. to 115 ft. is given a precise personality linked to its name.
Riva is, more than ever, a refined, elegant and timeless beauty on water with state of the art design and performance capabilities.
All of Riva’s unique characteristics are due to a strong bond between design and tradition. None of its recent accomplishments would have been possible without the knowledge and experience of those individuals who have passed their talents in building boats from generation to generation.
Today, clean and essential lines, sophistication and originality, exclusive design and unique style and matchless character define Riva.
This balanced synthesis between elegance and innovation mark new steps in the history of international boating design. Pietro’s spirit lives on.

As they say further… Those who want the best, expect the best and live the best … choose Riva.

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